Vasvirág Hotel is waiting for its dear guests with double rooms,rooms with three beds and rooms with two or four beds for groups.Parking facilities for cars and buses are provided.There are darts machines,table footballs,billiard and rex tables.
Reasonable prices,calm relaxation!
We've collected some places, sights, entertainment facilities why it is worth visiting Kemenesalja!
The Ság Hill
Mining created the most important value of the Ság Hill from the point of view of spectacles, consequently we can glance into the inside of the hill and the eventful five million year old geological history of the hill can be seen.
Flora and fauna: The petrological construction and the slope conditions of the hill created a local micro climate the living world of which is divergent from the environment.
The Ság Hill forms an independent flora island.
Its typical plants are: pasqueflowers, hill feather grass, centaury, downy oak etc.
Its valuable animals are: mournfulcapricorn beetle, copper grass snake, kestrel, raven.
The signs of the walkway named after József Csaba,the ornitologist show the birds of the hill.
Viniculture has been dominant in the facade of countryside for ages.
?The Laws of the Ság Hill? is the oldest collection of laws in connection with viniculture of Hungary in Hungarian.The system of the viniculture of the Ság Hill has hardly changed for centuries.Small parcel cultivation is typical on the hill.Today nearly 2000 wine growers work on nearly 240 acres.More luscious wine is grown on the southern slopes called Tündérvölgy.
Harder acids mark the nectars of the northern slopes.The Ság wine was sold in European chemist?s because of its high acid content, which was offered for kidney and stomach complaints. Demonstrably Otto von Bismarck, the German Iron Chancellor drank Ság wine.
Volcano medical and adventure bath (Vulkán Gyógy és Élményfürdő)
After a tiring Ság tour (maybe a wine tour) which is rich in experiences volcano bath with its increasing services can provide a pleasant relaxation, regeneration. Guests who wish to heal, do some sports or relax alike find thir suitable services for them.
1, Healing
The base of the medical treatments is the Cell volcano medical water from 1245 metres deep.
2, Sport
25 metres long swimming pool is suitable for inquirers. For those who are interested in beach volleyball, beach handball, beach football we recommend a sandy ground.
3, Relaxation
Wellness, health preservation
The bath provides the following services in this category.
-steam cabins
-jakuzzi champagne and tub baths
-refreshing massage
-magnet therapy
For more details about the bath go to www.vulkanfurdo.hu
After a hill tour and a pleasant bath our kind tourists visiting Celldömölk have only one desire to have a pleasant night relaxation at the end of the day. Here we offer our hotel, Vasvirág Hotel.Visitors can look at the most important information under the menu points , picture gallery and our prices.
Other sights, curiousities
Dear visitors! It?s worth looking around in our small town, Celldömölk. The town centre has been developed lately, Virgin Mary Grace Church is the adornment of the town centre, which was built with the lead of Odo Koptik abbot following the Mariazell pattern.
The abbot built a small chapel for the garce sculpture.Votive pictures and benefactions can be seen on the high altar of the chapel and painted Mary grace pictures from the contemporary Hungary are visible in the sacristy, which were carried during the church consecration procession in 1748. István Dorfmeister painter?s wall pictures can be seen in this baroque style church and a treasury was built above the sacristy.
You can see the preserved wall section of the twelve century abbey ruin church on the western border of Celldömölk. Roman and gothic style marks can be noticed on this church ruin.
Excavations only found traces from the foundations of the abbey building.The small settlement next to it can be older than the abbey. Moreover Roman wall foundations were also found.
Our prices
Double rooms with breakfast                                                 11000Ft/room/night
Double rooms for one person with breakfast                         7550 Ft/room/night
Rooms with 2-4 beds for groups with breakfast                  4150 Ft/person/night
Tourism Tax                                                       400 Ft/person/night

Our prices include VAT!



lunch: 1600 Ft

dinner: 1800 Ft



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